A Nutritional Boost
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One - on - One Coaching

Using the Love & Logic curriculum, class size is limited to 18 - 20 entries.  An entry is a single person or a couple. Pre-registration is imperative for ease of material ordering for each workshop.  A registration tab is provided above for your convenience, as well as our upcoming schedule. 

Workshops consist of six 2 hour sessions or Boot Camp is a day - a day and a half and locations vary by workshop.


We all know the great feeling of being around any child who uses "Please, thank you, you're welcome, I'm sorry, excuse me, etc.", but can you imagine if that was your child and you never had to argue or constantly remind them to use those wonderful sayings?!  A polite, self-assured child is not only a pleasure to be around, but a direct reflection on us as parents! Imagine, too, only having to ask once to take out the trash, do homework, get ready for bed, get up for school and all with no yelling or arguments!  Or  better yet, not even having to ask for those things.

What a success parenting would feel like and so rewarding and enjoyable for all involved.  Teaching the Love & Logic curriculum, we encourage and support a no nonsense, no drama approach to parenting.

Parenting. The most important job you’ll ever do, so shouldn't it be the most enjoyable? 

We'll help you put joy back in parenthood & discipline back in child rearing

Imagine having an expert just an email or phone call away as you're trying to learn something new!  We believe that for you to be successful in this new parenting endeavor, one on one, initial support is helpful until the skills become second nature. Personalized coaching is offered with every workshop as well as individual packages.

"You are what you eat" carries more truth than you'd expect.  Our nutritional diet can have as much impact on our behavior as it does on our physique. Clinical studies have linked certain behavioral maladies to nutritional deficiencies or adversities. Nutrition and diet are discussed in each workshop or coaching session. 

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